Value hunting and trend prediction using Regression models

  • Linear regression
  • Ridge (L2) regularization
  • Lasso (L1) regularization
  • Nearest neighbor and Kernel regression

Models and features selection


Unsupervised learning to recluster investment zones

  • K-means++
  • K-NN clustering

Extract important data and information through text mining: 

  • Automatic data retrivial
  • Automatic document retrivial 

Optimize value strategy

Identify rental and improvement potential

Identify investment opportunity through 

  • regime change detection 


Classification on Loan & Credit

As an example, we apply various classifiers to a loan and credit default detection

  • Decision Trees


  • Random Forests


  • Boosted Trees

Best Real Estate Books

Rich Dad Poor Dad – Robert Kiyosaki


Rich Dad’s Cashflow Quadrant – Robert Kiyosaki


Rich Dad’s Guide to Investing – Robert Kiyosaki


Unfair Advantage – Robert Kiyosaki


Choose to be Rich – Robert Kiyosaki


Increase Your Financial IQ – Robert Kiyosaki


Midas Touch – Robert Kiyosaki


The Real Book of Real Estate – Robert Kiyosaki


Tax-Free Wealth – Tom Wheelwright


Start your own Corporation – Garrett Sutton


Run Your Own Corporation – Garett Sutton


Build a rental property empire: the no-nonsense book on finding deals – Mark Ferguson

The book on managing rental properties: a proven system for finding, screening – Brandon R. Turner, Heather C. Turner

The book on investing in real estate with no money down – Brandon Turner


The book on rental property investing – Brandon Turner


The millionaire real estate agent – Gary Keller, Dave Jenks, Jay Papasan


Loopholes of real estate – Garett Sutton

Customer centricity: focus on the right customers on strategic advantage – Peter Fader
Sell or be sold: how to get your way in business and in life – Grant Cardone

Pitch anything: an innovative method for presenting, persuading and winning the deal – Oren Klaff
Hooked: how to build habit forming products – Nir Eyal

Contagious: why things catch on – Jonah Berger

Free: the future of a radical price – Chris Anderson

Head in the cloud: why knowing things still matters – Willian Poundstone

Building a story brand: clarify your message so customers will listen – Donald Miller
Global brand power: leveraging branding for long-term growth – Barbara E. Kahn

The long tail: why the future of business is selling less of more – Chris Anderson

Brandwashed: tricks companies use to manipulate our minds and persuade us to buy – Martin Lindstrom

Brand warfare: 10 rules for building the killer brand – David D’Alessandro

Why we buy: the science of shopping – Paco Underhill